Urban Demons: Remake [Proof of Concept] By Urban Demons

Urban Demons Games released a new game called Urban Demons: Remake and the version is Proof of Concept. The game’s story is about You keep waking up from dreams of an event that happened years ago. A lucky twist of fate that saw you narrowly avoid likely death from a car accident. But why does this event play on your mind? Who was the girl that saved you that day? Why do you remember her so clearly and feel some kind of connection to her? Soon a voice begins to call out… Trying to get you back on the right track. Your dreams turn into a different reality, an Otherworld, where things are fire and full of monsters.

You try to navigate this new realm, unlocking its secrets and powers at the behest of a whispering, seductive voice. These new powers help you in the real world too, and soon your delayed destiny begins to unfold as the women around you begin to turn into targets of your eye. A remake of the classic game is underway! Updates to the story and art will see a fresh take on this classic and bring into the modern age where it can be replayed for many years to come. See the beautiful women around you and watch them fall to your charms and new powers from the Otherworld.​

Developer: Urban Demons
File Size: 639 MB
Version: Proof of Concept
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Proof of Concept
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Return to Urban Demons & FAQ!

Hello everyone!

So at long last, I have decided to return to a classic, a game that was played and enjoyed by many! It’s time to finally return to Urban Demons! I know there will be A LOT of questions and I will do my best to answer the most pressing & obvious ones here as well as give a summary on what you can expect on this remake project!

Is it really you?
Yep! Nergal here!
Why now? What’s changed?

As some of you know, recently my projects got the boot from Patreon and with that we have moved over here to Subscribestar. Unfortunately due to pressure from Patreon I had to take a zero tolerance policy on the mentioning of the former projects and once they were completed I had to leave them in what state they were in.

It seems like Patreon are continuing on with their increasingly crazy restrictions (guilt by association is now a thing), which means I no longer have to worry about mentioning the old projects for fear of being booted off. And with that, putting all my effort into Subscribestar now, it feels like a great time to return to one of these classic Nergal’s Nest projects: Urban Demons.

Game Images & Screenshots


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