Tsumi Umi Sushi [v2.9] Game By Daichi777

Tsumi Umi Sushi [v2.9] Game By Daichi777

Tsumi Umi Sushi [v2.9] Game By Daichi777. Daichi777 Games released a new game called Tsumi Umi Sushi and the version is 2.9. The game’s story is about And this is where I come into the story. Tumi Uni Sudhi My full birth name is Tsumi Yokubo Yorokobi, and I was luckily born a normal size. I’m now 25 years old, was that posh and popular girl at school and I’ve secretly loved vore and being a giantess all my life. I never understood how or why it developed in me, and it wasn’t until high school that I could even accept that part of myself. It always felt wrong to take someone else’s life, so I kept it purely fantasy in my head. *Sigh* But as I grew older, so did my hunger and it became harder for me to control.

Tsumi Umi Sushi [v2.9] Game By Daichi777

So what do I love about it? Well, for me personally just the thought of swallowing tinies arouses me! Imagining having so much power over someone so utterly helpless and deciding their fate, it’s the ultimate power rush! If I’m kind I could simply let them go, and if I’m in a playful mood I can gently play with them in my mouth and tease them, but if I’m feeling a little naughty.

I can just devour and digest them like food and there’s nothing they can do about it! And as much as I hate to admit, I also love the natural side of things after and how it’s the ultimate form of humiliation. It’s a real pleasure imagining I’m turning tinies into my waste and feeling whatever my body doesn’t want of theirs, squeeze out of my backside with last night’s dinner!

Developer: Daichi777
File Size: 1.66 GB
Version: 2.9
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Developer Notes:

Piracy Bad Bla Bla

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