Sinners Landing [0.3.0b] By Flexible Media

Flexible Media Games released a new game called Sinners Landing and the version is 0.3.0b. The game’s story is about A Raunchy Rogue on the Run, a furious Archmage, and his deflowered daughter; step into a love letter to classic D&D, just with more sex, fun and lovingly hand-drawn and animated 2D Art from the devs behind Paradise Lust.

When a magical accident teleports you to the ass-end of nowhere, the small outpost of Sinners Landing, you discover a deep fantasy world filled with haughty dark-elf priestess, shy temple virgins, ex-courtesans with a heart of gold, and an orcish muscle-mummy.​

Developer: Flexible Media
File Size: 1.66 GB
Version: 0.3.0b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Release 3 (0.3.0b)

  • 0.3.0b
    Fixed minigames in dungeon
    Fixed choosing cards closing prematurely
    Fixed some room names having incorrect names
  • 0.3.0a
    Fixed Roselynn’s backyard spank bank causing errors
  • 0.3.0
    Fixed empty treasure icon in Rewards UI
  • 0.2.4f
    Fixed errors when closing the game
    Fixed Rewards UI sometimes not showing anything
    Adjusted Quest Notification UI to avoid overlap
    End of content UI moved to Roselynn’s scene
  • 0.2.4e
    Fixed some special rewards causing a soft-lock in the dungeon
    Fixed spank bank issues
  • 0.2.4d
    Added instructions on how to play certain minigames
    Fixed Roselynn’s scene not increasing Tristan’s max HP
    Fixed chandelier in Inn Room 1 sometimes disappearing
    Fixed UI not showing after flower minigame
    Fixed Rewards UI showing negative values
    Removed some difficult combat encounters in the Easy Dungeon
    Nerfed the Slime Boss Fight in Easy Dungeon:
    Decreased amount of Spunk cards discarded into player deck
    Changed one of the minions from slime to jelly
    Decreased main slime Max HP
  • 0.2.4c
    Fixed Roselynn’s post-painting conversation prematurely closing causing a soft lock
  • 0.2.4b
    Fixed Roselynn’s quests and conversations sometimes not triggering
    Added UI icons for special rewards in the dungeon
    Added mouse over text for the Backyard Tree
  • 0.2.4a
    Prevent rollbacks on getting training rewards to avoid re-roll exploit
    Fixed training card rewards being only added as temporary cards
    Fixed Roselynn’s date being able to repeat
    Fixed soft-lock when rejecting Roselynn’s sex scene
    Fixed time not advancing for Roselynn’s training
    Fixed wrong UI showing while in conversation after painting minigame
    Fixed zoom rollback issue on the backyard bench
    Fixed Roselynn and Tristan sometimes not sitting on the bench
    Fixed “room1name” shown in the dialogue
    Fixed Easle WIP UI showing incorrect text
    Fixed dialogue typos
    Fixed stats typos
    Removed visual highlight on interactable objects
  • 0.2.4
    New Roselynn quests
    New sex scene
    New minigames
    Added guards to broken glass not triggering the conversation
    Added shine animations for rooms and interactable objects
    Fixed death story blocks causing to soft lock the dungeon
    Fixed Deck UI unusable when temp cards are added
    Fixed cards getting unintentionally added when loading a save
    Fixed getting invalid cards from random events causing freezes
    Fixed Potency effect being cleared too early
    Fixed Whip It Good card damage not calculated properly

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