Shale Hill Secrets [v0.17.0] By Love-Joint

Love-Joint Games released a new game called Shale Hill Secrets and the version is 0.17.0. The game’s story is about gaining the power to peer into people’s hidden lives. Plunge into the secrets beneath Shale Hill University. Unravel a conspiracy, fall in love, or use your power to seduce your classmates, in this adult visual novel by Love-Joint. In this story-focused adult visual novel by Love-Joint, you suddenly gain the power to peer into people’s hidden lives. Enjoy beautiful 3D art, while plunging into the secrets beneath Shale Hill University. Unravel a conspiracy, fall in love, or use your power to seduce your classmates.

You’re an extraordinary guy doing an ordinary job: working at the tech help desk for a small university when you discover a mysterious application that allows you to peer into your classmate’s private data. In an evening you go from thankless drudgery to running the panopticon.

While you debate the ethics of taking someone’s nudes using military-grade hacking software, you soon realize there are bigger things at work. It seems every friend you have is hiding something life or death important. And then you discover a secret message board where someone is trying to hire a hitman. Does this go straight to the top? Only you’re in the position to find out, and save your friends at the same time. Mystery, intrigue, and girls to romance and seduce are waiting for you in Shale Hill Secrets.

Developer: Love-Joint
File Size: 4.62 GB
Version: 0.17.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • And there were many surprises. As he dove headfirst into an investigation, he gradually realized there was a pattern of bizarre events around him. Friends experienced strange interventions in their lives, attempts were made to ruin their futures, teachers displayed odd behavior, and people went missing.
  • Well, the MC isn’t an FBI agent or anything like that, but he had special help to dig deeper into this web of lies, schemes, and manipulation. The deeper you go, the wormhole seems endless. Just seems, because it’s time to face the puppet master, the person controlling the whole scheme, and once and for all, determine what your future will be.
  • Is this the end?
  • This is the final episode of Shale Hill Secrets. It’s been an incredible journey, but we believe a good story needs a beginning, middle, and end. However, we also know that stories have branches, and that’s why the Shale Hill universe doesn’t end here.
  • Three projects that extend the world surrounding this story are already in production. Initially, there will be two epilogues, showing a small continuation for the different possible endings of the game.
  • Additionally, another project, a larger one, is also in development. This one will bring a slightly different gameplay and will present to you a story that happened a few years before Shale Hill Secrets. Stay tuned for more news in the following months!

Developer Notes:

Your Love Life While unraveling what is going on in Shale Hill, you’ll interact with girls that have their own mysteries. Your friendship with them will grow and may even evolve into something else. It’s up to you: dedicate yourself to one person or be the player and spread the love around. It’s your choice.

You have a special relationship with Leah, who has been supportive of you your entire life. Gentle on the outside, but unflinching and spirited within, she is a stubborn journalism student who will do anything to reveal to the world the dark truth of Shale Hill. You and Sam came from opposite ends of your old school’s pecking order, and now by a twist of fate your best friend. Your quirky, distractible friend seems uncharacteristically melancholy.

Game Images & Screenshots

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