Pocket Campfire [v2.0] [PawPunch] – F95 Games

There’s been a LOT of time between last update and this one and it’s obvious a lot of stuff currently doesn’t work properly. There’s been a lot of issues and silence, but after the previous programmer’s leave from the project we’ve been rebuilding!
A comelete final update has been released, with the game having been rebuilt in a different engine from the ground up. You can expect the following:
New Content:

  • Completely rebuilt in GameMaker Studio 2 (downloadable game!)
  • 1 New ‘Mon joined the roster!
  • Over 2000 new dialogue lines
  • New additional sprites and more elaborate ‘Interact’ sequences
  • New cooking items with more varying effects

Reworks & Features:

  • Completely new contextual dialogue system (based on e.g. affection, energy).
  • New contextual sprites (ties in with new dialogue system).
  • Cooking overhaul with more thought-out recipe crafting and additional items.
  • Audio re-do for all NSFW animations
  • Miscellaneous visual & experience polish


  • Turned NSFW animations into video (better file size & load times)
  • All game animations fixed (e.g. walking, berry dropping)
  • RNG improvements (pseudo-RNG measures to make things less grindy).
  • Rebalancing to improve the general experience
  • Various quality of life changes

We know it’s long overdue, but we hope you’ll love this final installment of Pocket Campfire!

We’ve released the first version of our game, woohoo!
There’s still things we need to fix and implement, such as a few better gameplay animations and sound effects. Some things may still feel a little rough.

Here’s a little summary of all the content you can find:

  • Interacting with ‘Mons in your camp.
  • Cooking to attract new ‘Mons and feed current ones.
  • Berry catch minigame to collect ingredients.
  • 3 different ‘Mons to collect (each has male & female variants).
  • Animated NSFW scenes for each ‘Mon.

We’ll be implementing bugfixes and new ‘Mons over time, but the main gameplay likely won’t see too many changes.
NOTE: We have temporarily disabled a scene for one of the ‘Mons. We’re reworking it at the moment and will add it to the game soon!
Next to the web version we have now, we’re planning to create a downloadable version soon, which will have save functionality.
We hope you’ll enjoy the game!

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