Paradise Lust 2 [v0.6.0b] By Flexible Media

Flexible Media Games released a new game called Paradise Lust 2 and the version is 0.6.0b. The game’s story is about Continue your adventures on Tuvatuva island in a sultry 2D point-and-click adventure where romance blooms, puzzles are solved, and passion ignites in paradise.​

Developer: Flexible Media
File Size: 2.00 GB
Version: 0.6.0b
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed typos
  • 0.6.0a
    Fixed Mina’s neck while hugging Rachel
    Fixed Olga’s animation in the Main Menu
    Fixed plates and utensils disappearing during Table Setting minigame
    Fixed layer ordering of clouds in Raven’s room
    Replaced “VOICE” with “Automated Voice” during the shopping app calls
  • 0.6.0
    Added ending for Prepare for Landing quest
    Added Mi Sun’s scene to the Spankbank
  • 0.5.3a
    Added soundeffects for various scenes
    Fixed dialog options not hiding when exiting to Main Menu
    Fixed Rachel’s spankbank entry not exiting after scene
    Fixed sorting of large stone seat at the Cave Mouth
    Fixed clickable area for door at the Backroom
    Fixed incorrect cutscene for Rachel’s plane leaving at night
  • 0.5.3
    Added continuation of Prepare for Landing quest
    Added Mystery Box quest
    Adjusted Jack’s size and position while sitting on bed
    Location labels on the Map now animate when hovered
  • 0.5.2b
    Fixed Grace’s default pose when clicking on her
  • 0.5.2a
    Added partitions in bar items minigame for less confusion
    Fixed quest to make job ad still being marked as Under Development
    Fixed fullscreen mode not being scaled or sized properly
  • 0.5.2
    Added ending for Passing The Bar
    Added Prepare for Landing quest
    Fixed sorting of Luana’s hair
    Fixed glimpse of next panel being visible during Ryoko’s comic
    Fixed transition in Bar Deck at night not being clickable when you don’t have tiki torches yet
  • 0.5.1a
    Fixed duplicate cutscenes
    Fixed incorrect room art during Ryoko’s comic and sex scene
    Fixed Passing The Bar quest not being marked as Under Development
    Fixed Jack reusing previous conversation’s model during Chat
    Fixed kissing animation during Raven’s sex scene
  • 0.5.1
    Added Long Hours and Ryoko’s Feedback quests
    Updated visuals of Jack’s machete
    Choices are now labeled as such in conversation History UI

Developer Notes:

The Adventure Continues
Return to Tuvatuva Island! Paradise Lust 2 continues the story of Jack Plumber, hapless bartender-turned-island owner, as he helps the girls fulfill their dreams in paradise in a unique blend of visual novel, dating sim, and adventure game.

More Girls Means More Romance
You’ll expand your relationships with the girls of Paradise Lust, and meet new girls as well, as you help them build their dreams in a paradise of your own creation. There will be flirting, chatting, filming, cooking, long walks on sunset beaches, and a host of other new relaxing activities to enjoy.

Hot Times in the Tropics
You’ll not only expand and deepen your relationships with the crew of Paradise Lust, you’ll meet new girls from Japan, Brazil, Singapore, and other exotic locales. They all have their own dreams, desires, and reasons for coming to Tuva Tuva. Learning their secrets and stories opens up dozens of all new animated sex scenes and cartoons

Puzzles and Subgames
The story includes all kinds of various subgames that advance the story Some are simple, and others more complex. You’ll catch fish, cook food, film porn, shoot photos, sail boats, snorkel in the sea, and more. And all with a crew of beautiful women!

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