Outmaneuver! NN Pick-up Beach [v1.09d_MOD1] [Breast Mafia]

### ▼ Ver _MOD1
– Legendary Lurker (this is a title not a real name, a person who wants to stay anonym from my Discord server)
translated most of this game. They did the 1.09b version.
– Me, JustXuX, ported the translation from Legendary Lurker to the latest version that johndoe from F95 shared with me.
I translated all the remaining text that the previous translator missed.

### ▼ Ver 1.09d
– Fixed a bug where location transitions were not working properly during the Madoka NTR ending recollection.

### ▼ Ver 1.09c
– Fixed a bug where Yuko’s Event 5 could not be viewed.
Unable to reproduce the issue.
Suspected cause: The event was being skipped if more than 3 affection points were gained when the affection rank changed across dates. Fixed.

### ▼ Ver 1.09b
– Fixed a bug where the conditions for the Kirari ending were mistakenly set to Mizuki.
– Added an ED (ending) for the heroine.
– Consequently, added a church to the world map.
– Added 3 types of AV (adult video) events.

### ▼ Ver 1.08
– Fixed a bug where the Pregnancy check-up events for each heroine did not occur. This was corrected by requiring an internal Cheating rank of 2 or higher.

### ▼ Ver 1.07
– Fixed a bug where the screen would remain faded out during Akane’s check-up recollection.
– Fixed an issue where some standing pose outfits changed during Akane’s Pregnancy conversation.
– Fixed a bug where the pregnant Yuko sex scene and the check-up recollection switch were not activated.
– Fixed a bug where the birth count was not reset after the second Pregnancy for all characters.

### ▼ Ver 1.06
– Enabled the possibility for heroines to become pregnant.
– Consequently added H-scenes, standing poses, NTR, etc.
– Made it possible to purchase birth control pills and ovulation Drugs from the fortune-teller mama.

### ▼ Ver 1.05
– Fixed a bug where mothers and children appeared at inappropriate times when mob characters were residing.
– Fixed a bug where the breasts of girls estimated to be larger than L-cup disappeared during home H-scenes with mob characters. The cause was that the black areola L-cup image was replaced with a cross-sectional view.
– Made it possible to derive a paizuri (breast job) scene after more than 6 fortune-telling sessions with Nanba Mama.

### ▼ Ver 1.04
– Made it so that mobs who have given birth reside in the residential area.
– Consequently added H-scenes.
– There was a report of a blackout crash when entering Akane 5 with the protagonist in version 1.03. However, it could not be confirmed.
Nevertheless, a blackout crash with no reproducibility was confirmed in unrelated situations.
It is likely due to a bug or instability in Rpg Maker MV itself.
Since it cannot be confirmed, waiting for reproducible cases.

### ▼ Ver 1.03
– Fixed a bug where the previous event’s Yuko remained during Yuko and Kimo’s shower event.
– Fixed the version notation on the title screen not being updated.
– Could not confirm the bug of mob Pregnancy in version 1.01. It might have been fixed unknowingly. The probability was 1 in 5.
– Fixed incorrect display of ability increase when successfully picking up housewives.
– Added hints via fortune-telling in the entertainment district due to the unclear event occurrence conditions.
– Added the landlady’s body scrub, etc., at the base guesthouse.

### ▼ Ver 1.02
– Removed the escape feature for some characters during pick-up attempts.
– Added strong equipment as a return for extensive gameplay.
There is concern that allowing level-ups may lead to uncontrollable strength.
– Fixed the issue where Yuko’s sprite disappeared during events 3-4 with Kimo.
– Added Mary to fix the issue of Yuko disappearing.
– Fixed a bug where Kimo’s sprite remained on the beach after Mizuki Kimo 2.
– Fixed a bug where event 4 occurred in the cottage after Kirari Kimo 3.
– Fixed Kimo’s sprite and hotel event flag in Madoka Kimo 4.
– Fixed the issue of Yuko disappearing at the bar. Identified the cause as holding down the move switch.
Solved by adding Mary to fix the above disappearance.

### ▼ Ver 1.01
– Fixed the issue where the cool accessory equipment was not treated as an accessory and conflicted with clothing.
– Fixed the issue where Kirari Kimo events did not respond.
– Fixed a bug where Akane Kimo event 2 remained.
– Fixed the issue where BGM did not return in some Kirari events.
– Fixed the issue where the protagonist remained in the love hotel during Kirari’s sex scene.
– Fixed the issue where the sprite was missing in Kirari Kimo event 4.
– Fixed the issue where event 4 occurred simultaneously with variations in Kirari Kimo 4.
– Fixed the issue where two variations of Akane Kimo event 3 occurred in the same place.
– Fixed the issue where some events with Kimo and Yuko at the guesthouse did not respond.
– Fixed incorrect flags in Madoka’s Saruyama event in the entertainment district.
– Fixed a bug where Yuko’s event 1 remained.
– Fixed the issue of Akane’s Saruyama 3 sprite remaining and some non-responsiveness.
– Fixed the issue where Mizuki’s Saruyama 2 remained.
– Fixed the issue where time was not set in Madoka’s Saruyama 4.
– Adjusted the position of the hospital receptionist and added a room.
– Added equipment and accessories due to the lack of benefits for picking up and earning money.
– Made it so that mob characters, i.e., Casual sex partners, get pregnant if their contact information is obtained.

### Ver 1.00
– Release.

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