Mystic Knight Maya [v0.6.8] By MegaBlueBall

MegaBlueBall Games released a new game called Mystic Knight Maya and the version is 0.6.8. The game’s story is about While exploring the island you will encounter its many inhabitants that wish to only do harm to the main character, but you will also meet some neutral NPCs that might help or hinder your journey. It’s a 2D action platformer with some light Metroidvania elements, such as non-linear exploration, an inventory system, special skills, dialogue, etc. You will start the game on the beaches of a mysterious island and from there you will be able to explore it at your leisure, trying to find a way to escape from it and discover its mysteries. ​

Developer: MegaBlueBall
File Size: 161.7 MB
Version: 0.6.8
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • v0.6.8
    +++++++ [MAIN FEATURES] +++++++
    + Added Farina’s helper UI. Maya can now interact with her in the castle’s library (in the main hall area):
    New options such as free healing, restoring of armor and talk to discuss about things.
    The talk menu is a log of conversations, which will be used to reveal lore, answer questions and to guide players.
    A new event was added at the castle’s entrance, for when players first enter it and find Farina there.
  • Added new ero scene for the Isobora (pillbug insects in the forest).
    Tags: insect/creature, doggystyle.
  • Added new ero scene for the Blonde Kitsune (in the beach).
    Tags: yuri/lesbian, scissoring.
  • Added new ero scene for the Bat Girl (in the crystal caves).
    Tags: soft vore, unwilling pred/prey switch, Maya weight gain.
  • ============================
    ******* [FIXES/MISC] *******
    Changed – Slightly adjusted the values of ATK, DEF, etc of the 3 dress states (mostly buff to the underwear and naked states).
    Changed – Armor durability is now retained when Maya intentionally changes to her naked state (but it still breaks easier like this).
    Changed – Audio/visual effects of heals won’t be displayed anymore whenever an ero animation is playing.
    Fixed – When Maya was naked and on top of moving platforms, her increased speed was causing a slip off.
    Fixed – Mechanisms (levers, gates, etc) could be seen for a split second updating their state, during load or scene transitions.
    QoL – Added 2 new info to the gallery scene menu:
    1) type of fetish (general tag)
    2) if it has a special bad ending, an icon and description will appear on the left side.

Developer Notes:

You can rebind the controls and it will also support gamepads in the future, but the current default keyboards controls are:

  • X: Basic Attack/Confirm
  • Z: Jump/Cancel
  • C: Camera Look/Zoom (during erotic scenes)
  • D: Dash
  • SPACEBAR: Interact/Talk
  • P: Pause the game
  • ESC: Open/Close in game menu
  • F5: Restore all health (debug)
  • F6: Restore all defense (debug)
  • F7: Restore all spirit (debug)
  • F8: Reset Armor (debug)

Game Images & Screenshots


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