My Gyaru Wife Did It for my Sake [v1.10] By hijoguchiyuki

hijoguchiyuki Games released a new game called My Gyaru Wife Did It for my Sake and the version is 1.10. The game’s story is about The taste of delicious, warm bread such as Yuuto makes it can not be underrated. When it’s so tasty that it even charms the heart of Eri, former school delinquent and gyaru, she joins him in pursuing Yuuto’s dream of running their own bakery. The two get married and make their dream come true, soon running their own store, the “MomoShiki Bakery”.

However, tragedy strikes the young couple when Yuuto causes a traffic accident, ending up unconscious in hospital for several days. As he awakes again, a familiar man shows up with a video of what happened during the time he was unconscious. It’s up to Yuuto to watch it or not… and it’s up to Yuuto to accept or decline the man’s absurd proposal: In exchange for saving the bakery, the man wants to become more intimate with his wife…How will Yuuto react? The future of the store depends on his answer, but so does the future of their marriage. How far will the man’s affair with his wife progress? How far will Eri go in order to save their dream?

Developer: hijoguchiyuki
File Size: 596.2 MB
Version: 1.10
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots



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