MaI0 Interactive [v1.0 Remastered] By MikiY

MikiY Games released a new game called MaI0 Interactive and the version is 1.0 Remastered. The game’s story is about After being followed by SCP-1471-A, (aka MalO), for a few days, she finally decides to show herself, and now she really wants to get to know you better…​

Developer: MikiY
File Size: 92.7 MB
Version: 1.0 Remastered
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v1.0 Remastered
⭐ Remade over 40 Mal.O animations, including adding new ones!
⭐ New post processing optimization layer to make the overall game look nicer
⭐ Boob, ass, ear and tail physics, boing!
⭐ Added a little dialogue behind why Mal.O is chasing you
⭐ Added talking and looking sections so you can interact with Mal.O more
⭐ 9 total lewd scenes, all named properly
⭐ You can now cum in your pet Mal.O, and make her cum on you 

⭐ Cat mode?

Developer Notes:

This is a very simple game about seducing MalO and eventually fucking her!
The game has no sound. I might add moaning and other stuff in the future 

  1. Touch MalO in 11 different places
  2. Seduce MalO and unlock special animations!
  3. 19 Unique animations!
  4. Have sex with malo in 8 special POV animations!
  5. Or just headpat her, because she loves that!

Game Images & Screenshots


Before Remaster


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