Lust Hunter Stories [v0.0.2] By Lust Madness

Lust Madness Games released a new game called Lust Hunter Stories and the version is 0.0.2. The game’s story is about Lust Hunter Stories – is adult visual novel in Lust Hunter world. It’s been a few years since you left the Village. But traveling can’t last forever. So you’re going back to the Village. You are met at the tavern by your old friends, Mirana, Gaffer Choo, Lumberjack, Slutty Kathy and many others. Night. Tavern. Wood crackles in the fireplace and the aroma of ale and fried sausages wafts through the air. You sit at the head of the table with your familiar and remember about past adventures. Each of them has a story with you and they want to remember it and tell it to each other. Mirana will tell how you and she/he tried to steal Orc’s body part from the goblins. Lumberjack he/she taught you how to chop wood. Herbalica Flower will remind you how you were captured in the jungle, and Slutty Kathy about the huge monster with tentacles.​

Developer: Lust Madness
File Size: 583.5 MB
Version: 0.0.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

So what’s new 0.0.2:

  • New Herbalica Flower story as futa or male
  • New 140+ images
  • New 3 story animations

I made over 140 new images and a few animations. Now you can play as futa and go through Herbalica Flower’s story as futa. Or completely go through his story as male vs male (gay version)
I also made all side NPCs the same gender as Herbalica Flower.

Developer Notes:

I have a very good news for everyone.

The first one. A new game is now available to you! Its main content is events with NPCs from the Lust Hunter game. If you like visual novels and don’t like RPGs with gameplay this is the game for you.

Second news. In honor of the release of the new game I made the maximum discount on the annual pledge. Subscribe for a year in a single payment and get 2 months free!

Game Images & Screenshots


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