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PaleGrass Games released a new game called Lisa and the version is 2.90b. The game’s story is about Take control of Lisa, a young girl in her final year of college as she embarks on the final educational hurdle: To graduate Lisa must earn ample credits from local businesses and corporations by taking on part-time work fulfilling on-the-job duties in a range of industries. Living a docile and quiet life with her boyfriend Danny may not be the reserved future Lisa wishes for herself.. and with so many doors opening day by day she has every opportunity to change everything.

Developer: PaleGrass
File Size: 1.81 GB
Version: 2.90b
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

DEVIANTS: There is no new content in this version. It simply houses a few bugfixes.
All bugs that have been reported have been fixed in this version but there very well could still be more so please don’t hesitate to let me know if anything comes up <3
The rest of this post is just copied and pasted from the release a few days ago 🙂

Well here it is. Honestly I didn’t think I’d get it done, I was so close to drafting an apology message because I still had so much testing to do and with me leaving for a few days I was just overwhelmed but we pulled through ^_^

Now just forewarning: This is unbelievably rushed. I mean REALLY rushed. I don’t think I’ve ever still been writing right up until the deadline, I was literally still writing yesterday that and getting the Recollection Room up and running was a crazy dash (Which again is mostly untested). I fully expect game-breaking bugs to be lurking somewhere in some arrangement of switches so if that happens to anyone that I’m really, really sorry. I have been running through different route variations for a couple of hours now but there are just so many and I’m so burned out. I just need a break from this screen lol!

So aside from potentially critical bugs, there are also some variations that just aren’t finished. The two major ones being ANY of the Danny Leaves alt routes during Gina’s Game. Basically you can only choose the red options during the game (these were prioritized because I assume the majority want the filthier options ^_^).

The second is a worse offender in that it’s one of the Danny Stays exploration scenes. I won’t spoil where or what the scene is but it’ll be both apparent and in equal measure disappointing when you find it. This particular scene is only available for those that both have selected the Cheating path + Danny stays at the party and are NOT on the Sharing path.

“So pG.. how is the content this patch?” Well to be honest.. I really fucking love this patch man ^_^ I think it’s so diverse in it’s content, I love the graphics, I’m really proud of how the writing runs alongside it and I really think the dynamic shift in the tone and the narrative fits well. I just hope more than anything that you guys enjoy it! :))

Like I mentioned above; I’m away this weekend so there won’t be a patch until at least next week to resolve any bugs and also implement the missing content. To combat the potential bug issue a bit I’ve added a little switch in Jayce’s Apartment that will teleport the player to a temporary Recollection Room with all of the content unlocked – using this teleport will also disable your ability to save and there’s no exit from this RR. This is necessary to avoid further issues down the line but it’ll all be noted in game too 🙂

This teleporter will be available after Elevator 4 which is the final scene before GG starts. You can access it from Elevator 4 onwards. The game will notify you if you’ve seen all of the current content with the exception of Danny Stays + Cheating route which as mentioned is unfinished sadly.

The backend of this entire patch is quite complicated, before I started writing this update, aside from the Recollection Room; the largest map in terms of file size was the Mod Shop. The Mod Shop map actually has the entirety of Moddy’s Gathering’s events in it so it’s no surprise. Jayce’s Apartment is now roughly 2.5x~ the size of the Mod Shop. A lot of this is alternate routes housing their own events (a lot of which I imagine might be unnecessary but my brain is completely pickled, I’m genuinely finding it hard to think straight) but I think this is one of the biggest updates I’ve done as far as writing goes and that’s mostly to accommodate the choices available.

Whats new:

  • CG: +222
  • Faces: +82
  • Sprites: +7

We’re almost at 6k CGs, it’s a meaningless milestone but it’d be kinda cool to hit 6000 before 2023 – I have no idea why it’d be cool but it’d be cool nonetheless. I will of course try to translate it into a reality for absolutely no reason.

That’s Episode 2 done! If I had fireworks I’d be setting them off as we speak. Now it’s party party party time and by party I of course mean: Jayce’s Party.

Well I hope the Byron event meets everyone’s expectations, I really wanted to send off the year with a banger scene especially given the previous release being quite subpar in terms of meaty content lol! Episode 2 has been a wild ride, the game’s trajectory was really honed in and the foundations were set for the remainder. I hope you’re all in for what’s in store at the party and beyond. <3

Developer Notes:

Because of the late addition of the journal and the fact that this game is still very much in development with every new update I would ask that you please interact with the node shown below. It aims to keep the journal updated and the game as bug free as possible. This node will be updated with EVERY patch, thank you x

Game Images & Screenshots


Win: Lisa_2.90b_Win.rar – 1.8 GB
Linux (v2.853: Lisa_2.853_Linux.rar – 1.3 GB
Mac: Lisa_2.90b_Mac.rar – 1.9 GB



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