Kalyskah v0.23.1 Download Walkthrough + Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android

Kalyskah v0.23.1 Download Walkthrough + Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android

Kalyskah v0.23.1 Download Walkthrough + Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android. Nobre Lobo Games released a new game called Kalyskah and the version is 0.23.1. The game’s story is about Fight as a vampire while exploring a dark fantasy open-world in this 3rd person RPG. Make choices that affect the betterment of humanity, or yourself, strengthen your vampiric skills to fight trolls and undead, and entertain yourself in fully animated erotic scenes. If you have played the oldest build, you’ll notice that things have changed! We’ve been working for months to bring you an optimization patch.

Kalyskah v0.23.1 Download Walkthrough + Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android

At this current state, we haven’t added the old quests to the game yet, but we hope that by rebuilding the game from the foundation, we will be able to grow it far faster and better than before! But that means that for now, the newest version won’t have quests until the next update. This is mostly a tech demo for you to experience what the prologue will look like in the end, play around at the gallery and watch the new intro cutscene we have been working on! If you want to play the old quests, you can download Legacy version 0.19. Unfortunately, playing the legacy version, you might experience crashes, glitches and bad performance. Those are the very reasons we are rebuilding the game from the foundation.




Developer: Nobre Lobo
File Size: 13.36 GB
Version: 0.23.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added roam points to Hexblades that weren’t roaming;
  • Fixed a crash that happens when you unload the open world;
  • Made tendency changes for both male and female masseurs match;
  • Minor refactor on how InverseY controls the camera to improve readability and also fixed an issue that was preventing it from working as intended;
  • Fixed Female Servant path (Both quest completion and post-massage scene);
  • Fixed characters T_Posing in gallery scenes;


  • Kalyskah should no longer comment about Alvina’s notes if she’s in dialogue or cutscene;
  • Further detailing and improvements on Kalyskah’s temple;
  • Added some sound effects to the massage scene with the female acolyte;
  • Added a way to disable NPC AI in the gallery, so animations don’t change automatically;
  • Added water sounds in the dungeon, next to the sewers;
  • Improvements in camera shake effect on the massage scene;


  • Made NPC maker accessible on the base game. Now our Nightstalkers can start creating their characters and sending them our way so we can populate both Kalyskah’s temple with more known faces, and also the town of Tupelo!
  • Made a slightly more SFW variation of the massage scene when the player has the Streamer Mode on, so no genitals will be shown;

Erotic Content (Toysystem)

New doggystyle interactions:

New BDSM animations (We were working on those before we did the poll):

  • Lesbian Pillory Fingering (Interaction)
  • Lesbian Pillory Breastplay (Interaction)
  • Improved lesbian pillory fingering loop
  • Cross Ass Fingering (Loop)
  • Cross Pussy Fingering (Loop)
  • Cross Pussy Fingering – Finger on Mouth (Interaction)
  • Cross Ass Fingering – Licking (Interaction)
  • Cross Ass Fingering (Breast Slap)

Developer Notes:

Hello, Corintio here!!

  • We are a small indie team, and we are aware of two main issues:
  • You can change the controls on the settings, but they are not loading when you reopen the game
  • The current version has some performance issues that can cause the game to crash after defeating the first boss, depending on your CPU or RAM.

We are working hard to fix those problems on the next release, and you can read more about the actions that are being taken by following this link:

I hope that despite the issues, you can enjoy playing our demo. If you face some of the problems listed above, try rechecking the game after version 0.20 is released so you can follow our progress on improving the experience for you. Thank you very much for taking your time to play this game we love so much to create!

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