Into the Country [v0.35] By defunktopus

defunktopus Games released a new game called Into the Country and the version is 0.35. The game’s story is about Into the Country is an adult visual-novel currently in development by the defunktopus team. The game is a contemporary story about a man moving to an isolated Northern area to escape the woes of city life as climate change and societal instability press on…​

Developer: defunktopus
File Size: 528 MB
Version: 0.35
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

What’s in the new build:

  • Changed the game font for a more unique feel
  • ALL BACKGROUNDS are now remastered
  • Added photo-sensitivity warning to splash screen
  • 1 new H-scene (voted for by the Patreon!)
  • Navigation system (point and click)
  • 3 new OSTs
  • Multiple animated backgrounds (still working on this)
  • Puzzle with visual clue


  • What’s in the new build:
  • Hotfix
  • PLEASE READ if you are encountering the repair shop issue:
  • 1. Download 0.32a and overwrite
  • 2. Either back up or reload to when you have two rooms left to repair
  • 3. Something should trigger when you try to get the second last upgrade from Ben
  • 4. If none of that works, you may need to rollback to just before the house upgrades start (sorry!) but that will fix it

Developer Notes:


  • Grounded, hand-written story and romances with adult themes, dialogue choices, and multiple outcomes
  • 7 H-scenes (so far) with sound/vocals
  • Tailored sound effects and original soundtrack
  • High quality artwork (generated ethically with AI then manually edited)
  • Different kinks for different tastes with ability to vote on/suggest content (for Patreon subscribers)

Game Images & Screenshots


Win/Linux: – 503.9 MB
Mac: – 498.8 MB



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