Heat [v0.4.8.1] Game By Edef

Heat [v0.4.8.1] Game By Edef

Heat [v0.4.8.1] Game By Edef Full Download Game Free. Edef Games released a new game called Heat and the version is The game’s story is Welcome to Heat! An immersive adult video game featuring anthro characters. We focus on having detailed character interactions in a variety of fun scenarios, supporting both VR (through SteamVR) and traditional (2D) screens! (Although 2D mode is still experimental currently).

Heat [v0.4.8.1] Game By Edef

Developer: Edef
File Size: 1.60 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added kissing characters uwu
  • Added Garret boop, but don’t boop him!!
  • Tons of backend changes for char modding, releasing soon
  • Add a felatio speed slider to the radial menu
  • Add a eyes open toggle to the radial menu for eye contact
  • Added canine Garret to the bathroom
  • Align other Garret’s dick a bit better with physics
  • Fix muffled character voices
  • Fix hand poses when scaled
  • Fix Marina’s flat ass
  • Players can walk all over scaled large characters now
  • Fix fullbody feet trackers from pointing in weird directions on calibrate
  • Added a binding option to the left controller for teleport
  • Reposition menu when changing player scales
  • Fix various times players would get black screen in VR cuz they’re in 2d mode
  • Adjust Riley’s balls to prevent ball spasms.
  • Fix Emmy’s balls doing horrible things when scaling
  • Fix various issues with Lovense integrations
  • Fix various horrors that happens to dicks when scaling a lot
  • Fix scaling characters in the bathroom
  • Fix error with stroking in the bathroom
  • Fix error when changing scenes with the door handles
  • Add in basic controller vibration, just when using vibrator for now
  • Fix Aurora’s vag from sagging after the masturbating pose

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