Heart City Stories Episode 2: Office Rivals [Ch.2 v0.2.03] By ParkGDev

ParkGDev Games released a new game called Heart City Stories Episode 2: Office Rivals and the version is Ch.2 0.2.03 The game’s story is about You and your co-worker Nanako have always had a bitter rivalry: a competition to be the best employee in the company. Frustrated by this, your boss teams you and her up to cooperate on a particularly important report, hoping that you two would get along for once. Two rivals forced to work together – what bottled up feelings will this predicament reveal? Will it reignite your long-lost feelings for Nanako? After all, you once had a huge secret crush on her… How did it all go wrong?

Developer: ParkGDev
File Size: 481.4 MB
Version: Ch.2 0.2.03
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Chapter 2: Alt Ending

  • New alternate ending (choose “Walk Away” when talking to Nanako at Min’s foodplace)
  • 25/+ new CGs
  • 2 new major “moments”
  • Expression transitions modified so that the dialogue box won’t ‘blink’ every time characters change their expressions
  • File archives overhaul

Developer Notes:

Office Rivals is the second episode in the anthology, following Friendly Favours. They are standalone episodes, so you do not need to play them in numerical orders.

Game Images & Screenshots


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