Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK Download 2024 V1.0.0 Free for Android

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK Download 2024 V1.0.0 Free for Android

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK Download 2024 V1.0.0 Free for Android. Games are a source of income for many people as well and games are a source of entertainment and fun. Sometimes people feel very sad and unhappy, at this time they need such type of game which reduce their stress level and make them feel happy. Sometimes horror and unpleasant things make us stronger. If you are feeling sad today we bring you an amazing game Gorilla Tag Horror APK which entertains you. It is a horror game in which the player plays the role of a character running away from a gorilla hunter.

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK Download 2024 V1.0.0 Free for Android

The main objective of this game is to tag other players before they tag you as a gorilla or human. It is very easy to play and the graphics are very effective and the mission is very clear. You will enjoy the game because of its interesting details. The game brings realistic activities to the table, this is a simple application for gorilla adventure fans of all ages. And is easy to use.

This Gorilla Tag Horror APK is for entertainment purposes only, it allows you to fun prank calls with family and friends. In this game, there is a monster gorilla that is hiding in the dark places and the player will adventure into it. The game opens the doors to endless adventures for the players. In the game, the players are equipped with only a flashlight and essentials while participating in the game.

What is Gorilla Tag Horror APK?

In the Gorilla Tag Horror game, you will have the opportunity to experience lifelike experiences in a virtual reality setting and solve a number of obstacles along the way. You will face a wide variety of enemies in this game. The playing method of this game is like that the player plays the character who is feeling predatory. There will be different colors for the monsters in different places. If you want to win the monster attack and want to participate in the game unlock more flashlights and items.

The monkey game puts the player in the midst of a tag game against other people. There is a single player available, but the game is multiplayer. It has transformed from a peaceful primate into a monster that frightens anyone who crosses its path. The player can experience all the activities of the game and collect a lot of bonus points while climbing the leaderboard.

You need to complete the assignment completely and then it will be possible to get the corresponding grade immediately. There is a need to navigate the jungle, find supplies, and solve puzzles. The dark forces make the player more intelligent and powerful. Enjoy playing pranks with your friends. It is really easy and hilarious.

Highlights of Gorilla Tag Horror:

Simple rules:

In this, the rule and the playing system is very easy and simple. The features are very clear and simple. There is a gorilla in the game which the player can easily control in the open environment.  Jumping, climbing swinging all are possible with their arms.


Gorilla Tag Horror game allows a multiplayer game. Playing software with friends is the best way to have fans because it provides hours of excitement and competition. Multiplayer provides a challenge for players of all skill levels.


In the virtual world, you have many choices from a wide range of schemes, colors, accessories, and unique features. Also, make a unique avatar for your gorilla.

Environmental Immersive:

Explore the new world and embark on your journey beyond the maps of the original game. In this game, there is a diverse range of environments available. From lush jungle to the cities and the darkness.

Community Flourishes:

To become a part of a global community of Gorilla Tag fans create new friendships in this exciting virtual world. Share your experiences, strategies, and creations.


Gorilla Tag Horror App is an exciting game that is very simple to play. It has a unique feature which makes it more attractive and fun. You will experience many things in this game like an immersive environment, improved gameplay, and many more features with this APK. Just download the app today and enjoy a thrilling adventure. Explore the new things in the virtual world and connect to the community players of the gorilla who had wrapped it. Just enjoy it, best of luck.

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