Fresh Starts [v0.5.1] By LordOfChange

LordOfChange Games released a new game called Fresh Starts and the version is 0.5.1. The game’s story is about Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your hometown to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do… immoral things in order to make your place in the town. To what lengths are you willing to go to stay in the city? Will you stay true to who you are, or will you change to try to fit in? Only time will tell…​

Developer: LordOfChange
File Size: 110.8 MB
Version: 0.5.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Beta 0.5.1

  • Internet
  • gregchart: Added one new event
  • Realturf: Added Luxury Loft in the options pool
  • Downtown
  • Added Luxury Loft
  • Tenebria: One new event
  • ShoeShop: Added Heeled Sandals (Supporter reward)
  • Gas Station: Added risk minor mechanic to gloryhole
  • Gas Station: Added one new event to gloryhole
  • Gas Station: Added wait option when no one comes to the gloryhole
  • Uptown
  • Comic Con: Added one new event
  • Fetish Week: Added Adam Doll (Supporter reward)
  • Red Light District
  • Dimly Lit Street: Added one new event
  • Forever 69: Added Schoolgirl Outfit (Supporter reward)
  • Backend
  • Redid icoast sewing orders code
  • Minor optimizations to Dimly Lit Street code
  • Misc optimizations
  • Balance
  • Increased Cigarettes mood buff duration to 3 hours (from 2)
  • ugfixes
  • Fixed Studying mood debuff not being applied
  • Fixed Hands/Breast mood code not working properly
  • Fixed Cum Slut tattoo application giving the barcode tattoo instead
  • Fixed Kitchen and Bathroom of the Fixer Upper being impossible to repair
  • Fixed an issue with the Show N’ Tail’s performances code
  • Fixed a broken link in Halloween event
  • Fixed “Home upgrade” screen for the Fixer Upper returning the player to the second apartment if “Nevermind” is selected
  • Fixed issues with Convention reminders for the Wedding Salon and Fetish Week
  • Fixed issues with HOE
  • Fixed issue with the Crystal mall event
  • Misc
  • Renamed Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit to Pink Schoolgirl Outfit
  • Typo fixes
  • Added some missing quotation marks
  • Added a new dual interaction with the Dildo and Fleshlight

Developer Notes:

Fresh Starts is an HTML life simulator set in the fictional city of Hutinberg. As of Alpha 0.0.26, the game –still– heavily revolves around sissification of the PC, most event revolving around said theme. However, there are plans in the future to open new paths, but also to implement a female character. The game doesn’t offer much story wise at the time, but all the content is optional, which felt really important as the game is supposed to be a “sandbox”. However, major features keep being added with each update, making the game quite complex despite its early stage of development.

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