FATACLYSM [v0.1 Paid] [Jupitarian] – F95 Games

FATACLYSM is a roguelite made in Twine that focuses on the struggles of a party of four women as they venture through a realm comprised of many different settings and times, hellbent on fattening them up by any means necessary. Fortunately for them, though, the power of the Excessive Expanse is a double-edged sword. Combat in FATACLYSM involves no normal health points, no real damage, and no silly unfattenable enemies. It only involves what really matters – girls getting bigger. All damage dealt in the Expanse, without exception, is always converted to fat.

No combatant is ever safe from the fattening grasp of the Expanse, and our heroes must do everything it takes to make sure that they’re not the ones on the receiving end. That is… unless they want to be. As a roguelite, players are free to succumb to the Expanse as much as they want in FATACLYSM, and are always able to continue their journey in the future. Through their failures, though, the protagonists of FATACLYSM only grow stronger, and their capacity to get progressively bigger and bigger can only increase as they harness the weighty power of the Expanse.

Actually traversing the Excessive Expanse entails delving through vastly different layers, crawling with fattening challenges of all kind. From tactical, Turn-based Combat to juicy narration-based events, both accompanied by a wide array of (highly customizable) fatty sound effects, FATACLYSM presents a plethora of ways in which players can lose themselves in its world. Characters may even be brought towards an untimely, immobilizing end depicted in lengthy, descriptive defeat scenes, all of which are easily re-viewable in the game’s image, event, and ending gallery. There is no overly punishing, permanent loss condition, though! The heroes can never truly be defeated in a roguelite, after all.

The Expanse also offers multiple unique settings within its respective layers, with more to come in the future. FATACLYSM currently contains two fully fleshed out areas:
THE PENITENTIARY – A futuristic prison complex, constructed with the singular goal of fattening its inmates and keeping them as nothing more than massive, flabby batteries for the rest of their miserable existences. Ruled by a cruel, iron-fisted sadist, the neon-horned Warden of the Penitentiary wants nothing more than to keep each and every member of the party locked up as her personal, blobby playthings.
THE PALACE – A lavish castle of flowing red silks and golden chandeliers, this fantastical locale of swords and sorcery holds a plethora of regal buffets, alchemical attractions, and supernatural horrors. Though the opponents of the Palace’s ruler may see her as a tyrannical, hedonistic layabout, the Sovereign’s keen ability to soften the disposition of others and intoxicate them with her own way of life is second to none.
FATACLYSM HAS LAUNCHED! The entire first layer of the Expanse, the Penitentiary, is now available in the version of the game that anyone can download for free. The entirety of the second layer, the Palace, along with many other new features, are also currently available to play through my Patreon!

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