Fantasy Amusement Park II [v1.0.4] [cat paw game]

The gameplay of the game includes Visual Novel +2D horizontal version shooting. The main story is about the Male Protagonist traveling to the future world, helping the Female Protagonist run the amusement park, solving disasters in the future city, and returning to the original world.


[Game Characters]
A quick-tempered Chuunibyou sufferer, she always puts on an air of superiority and bursts into a childlike tantrum whenever she is poked and prodded.


Emotional, knowing girl who describes everything in the world based on her imagination. Life is like a play, and a play is like a life, and she will attribute everything around her to the script, extrapolating the future, as well as pushing the story to a dramatic conclusion.


Nervous, impulsive and capricious, she always drops the ball on things. It is this character that makes her always screw up everything regardless of the consequences. Wherever she goes, chaos and commotion come as expected.


She has no interest in the world, as if the only meaning of life for her is to breathe. She is dissatisfied with what she sees in her eyes, and this dissatisfaction builds up to a point where she reaches a point of complete insanity.


She may look dull on the outside, but in reality she is beyond the realm of human emotion. She is omniscient and omnipotent, and no ethical or worldly concepts can limit her behavior. She is like a machine that believes in doing whatever it takes to achieve its goals, but sometimes shows human emotions.


[Game Features]
◇5 female characters are dubbed in Japanese
◇5 Female Characters for H and dominating
◇4KHigh Quality Dynamic HCGs
◇17 Plot CGs
◇One-handed operation, smooth experience
◇Steamdeck touch screen operation is now supported
◇Character dressing + character live 2D interaction
◇A variety of gameplay Visual Novel + Simulation Management + 2D Horizontal Shooting.

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