Download WelCUM To The City [v0.3.2] Game Full Version

Download WelCUM To The City [v0.3.2] Game Full Version

Download WelCUM To The City [v0.3.2] Game Full Version. Quiquersson Games released a new game called WelCUM To The City and the version is 0.3.2. The game’s story is about After your father’s death, things start to get difficult in your life, so you’ve decided to accept your stepmother’s invitation to move back in with her and her daughter, just like it used to be when you were just a kid. However… You are a grown man now, and some things must have changed.

Download WelCUM To The City [v0.3.2] Game Full Version

Developer: Quiquersson
File Size: 180.3 MB
Version: 0.3.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.3.2 Release

  • Item sprites: Items now appear in characters’ hands
  • Gallery Bonus Photos: Check Kawaii Character Creator information and get a code to unlock 2 bonus photos to your phone gallery

Developer Notes:

WelCUM To The City is a visual novel with some RPG and sandbox features, where you can upgrade your character skills and your decisions affect the world around you. The intention is that this game is not one more linear story game where you just keep clicking and doing repetitive things again and again. The intro was also planned to be interactive and short so it doesn’t get boring.

  • Cute sounds for dialogues
  • Naming freedom for all characters
  • Generate character names if you don’t wanna choose
  • Characters have preferences of traits. You can’t be the best to everyone
  • No right or wrong. Choices have consequences and it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you
  • Intro/Prologue where you can choose your first traits and meet the other characters
  • Stats points (intelligence; physical condition; and charisma)
  • Skill points (guitar; massage; and teaching)

Available Characters

  • PERSONALITY: tsundere/stubborn; nerd; geek; girly
  • CLUB: ???


  • PERSONALITY: mothery; compassionate

Childhood Friend

  • PERSONALITY: deredere/genki; energetic; naive, stupid
  • CLUB: Sports; Swimming

Expected features

  • Better UI: (better art; girls database; item bag; skill perks; city map)
  • Day/Night cicle
  • City map: school; beach; shoppingmall; places to work
  • Places to work: gym; massage house;
  • Job/Work system
  • Stats and skills upgrade
  • Sex scenes
  • Dates & events with girls
  • Art improvement

Themed Features

  • No sex without consent
  • No NTR or cheating
  • Light and saturated colors
  • Kawaii anime-like chibi characters
  • Harem
  • Ecchi
  • Milf
  • Tsundere/Stubborn
  • Deredere/genki
  • Incest (well… not really)
  • Romance/Love/Cute
  • Sex/Erotic

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