Download Seaside Mystery [v0.24.0] Game By KsT

Download Seaside Mystery [v0.24.0] Game By KsT

Download Seaside Mystery [v0.24.0] Game By KsT. KsT Games released a new game called Seaside Mystery and the version is 0.24.0 Cracked. The game’s story is about is my new game, it is a visual novel, a dating sim game for adults. The protagonist is a college student who, after the tragic loss of his parents, moves to a small town to start his new life. Later he discovers that the small town isn’t just an idyllic place as it might look at first glance… The game is Real Time 3D, click-to-walk type of game. In Seaside Mystery, unlike The Twist, your character can walk around and explore the locations.​

Download Seaside Mystery [v0.24.0] Game By KsT

Developer: KsT
File Size: 4.40 GB
Version: 0.24.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog


  • New location: “Endless Lust” adult store
    The new store has opened in the old town. This is the store where you will find all the gear needed for adult activities: toys, fetish clothing, lubes, oils and so on…
  • New character: Freya Bjerke
    Freya works and owns the newly opened adult shop in the old town. You will find her at the store behind the counter every day.
  • Customization update
    Two more types of clothing has been added
    Sports wear – All the sports related scenes is now using Sports wear clothing tab.
    Kink wear – will mostly be used in the “naughty” scenes.
  • Emily’s room update.
    Now it is possible to enter Emily’s room at night
  • Rachel’s Lingerie store
    New item for sale
  • Endless Lust store
    5 items for sale
  • Diary
    2 new diary entries
  • Updated scenes
    Janice “Stay overnight” now has option to switch to Kink wearEmily

    Progression update.
    New scenes.
    Several new repeatable scenes with options.
    New customizations option unlocked

  • Brenda
    Progression update.
    New scenes
    New repeatable scene
  • Rachel
    Progression update.
    Couple small scenes.
  • Tons of other bug fixes, shaders optimizations and other polishing works.

Developer Notes:

Little by little the new game is growing into actual game, not just a tech demo. The main core of the game, I’d say, is almost done and at the state there it’s ready for the content to be added (like characters, story, scenes) . The next big thing in the line is the UI after which the development of content for the game will start.

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