Doraemon X Apk v2.94a Game Android/PC

Doraemon X Apk v2.94a Game Android/PC

About Doraemon X Apk

Doraemon X Apk v2.94a Game Android/PC. Do you want to Download the Latest Version of Doraemon X Apk for your Android, Windows or Mac device? Get access to all the latest files on this post. Enter the fantastical world of Doraemon by playing the Doraemon X game, where dreams become reality, and adventure awaits around every corner.

Doraemon X Apk v2.94a Game Android/PC

This game is Inspired by the beloved TV cartoon show name “Doraemon”, a new and exciting role-playing game that brings the magic of Doraemon to life.

On the internet, you will find different names for this game such as Doraemon Go Apk, Doraemon X apk, Dickmon X, and much more, but the gameplay content of this game is the same.

The current latest version of this game has been renamed to “DickmonX” by the official developer but the content of this game is the same and the previous version’s content continued to the latest version,

So if “DickmonX” or any other name appears on the game screen then do not worry you installed the right game just the name has been changed.

Join our protagonist as they take on the role of Nobita, a curious and kind-hearted young boy, and embark on a thrilling journey filled with exciting quests, quirky gadgets, and heartwarming interactions with cherished characters like Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo.

In the Doraemon X Apk or Doraemon Pro Apk game, you will be playing the role of Nobita, and you can interact with all the other characters such as Doraemon, Nobita’s mom, Shizuka, Shizuka’s Monther, Suneo’s mother, and other characters available in the game.

The developers of this game have added the option to build relationships with female characters available in the game such as Nobita’s mom, Shizuka, and many others.

There are so much mature content such as Images, Animations, and sound effect added by the developer of the game so make to avoid playing Doraemon X Apk with young kids.

You can download the latest version of Doraemon Pro Apk from this game for multiple devices such as Android, Windows, and Mac.

To know more about this game such as its features, and what content to expect make sure to read the next section of this post.

Features of Doraemon X Apk

Unveiling the Gameplay

In this Doraemon-inspired role-playing game, players assume the role of Nobita, a child with boundless imagination,

Who can interact with all the iconic characters featured in the show? The game encompasses the essence of the cartoon, offering an open-world experience set in Nobita’s neighborhood and beyond.

Players can explore familiar places like the Bamboo Forest, and the Sewashi’s house, and even venture into fantastical realms through Doraemon’s secret gadgets.

Quests and Adventures

As Nobita, players will embark on thrilling quests that test their creativity, problem-solving skills, and empathy.

From solving mysteries to helping friends with their dilemmas, each quest will capture the essence of the heartwarming friendships and life lessons portrayed in the TV show.

These gadgets can be used strategically to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Want to fly through the sky on the Take-Copter or visit the Jurassic era with the Time Furoshiki? The possibilities are as limitless as Nobita’s dreams.

Friendships and Social Interaction

In the Doraemon-inspired RPG, building and nurturing friendships play a crucial role. Players will get the chance to spend time with the lovable characters of the Doraemon universe, developing unique bonds with Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and others.

Through meaningful conversations and activities, players will witness the growth of these relationships, making the game more immersive and emotionally engaging.

Creative Sandbox Mode

Beyond the main storyline, the game will include a creative sandbox mode that allows players to unleash their imaginations freely.

They can design their secret gadgets, create unique quests, and even contribute to a shared Doraemon universe by designing and sharing their own maps and adventures with other players.

This feature promotes a collaborative and inclusive community where fans can come together to celebrate their love for Doraemon.

Low Game File Size

The developer, known as Mayonnaisee, has put in substantial effort to reduce the game’s size. This involved both shrinking image dimensions and optimizing the game’s code.

As a result, the current iteration of the game is now 30% smaller than its predecessor.

Cross-Device Support

The latest version of Doraemon X is now accessible on various devices, including Android smartphones, Windows or Linux PCs, and Apple Mac computers.

This feature allows players to enjoy the game on the device they find most comfortable. For instance, if you prefer playing on a larger screen, a PC is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, If you want the convenience of gaming while on the go without lugging around a laptop, installing the game on your Android smartphone is a smart choice.


The Doraemon-inspired role-playing game offers a delightful and enchanting experience for fans of all ages, where they can step into the shoes of Nobita and journey through a world filled with wonder, humor, and life lessons.

From exploring the vastness of the universe with Doraemon’s gadgets to forging lasting friendships, this game captures the heart and soul of the beloved cartoon show.

So, gear up for an unforgettable adventure, where dreams come true, and join Nobita and his friends as they embark on a thrilling escapade in this magical world inspired by Doraemon.

The game promises to be an exciting tribute to a timeless classic that has touched the hearts of millions across the globe.

Let the Doraemon-inspired RPG take you on a nostalgic journey and bring out the childlike wonder in you!

Doraemon X Game Requirements

Game Android Windows
Storage 2 GB 2 GB
RAM 3 GB or more 24GB or more
Processor SD 600+ / i3 10gen i3 10gen or more

What is the Latest Version of Doraemon X Apk?

The current latest version of Doraemon X Apk released by the game developer is v2.94a which you can download from this game for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux for free.

Is Doraemon X Apk an Offline Game?

Doraemon X is made to play in offline mode because of this you can play the game without connecting your device to an internet connection.

How to Download Doraemon X Apk?

The downloading process of the Doraemon X Apk game for Android devices is simple, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to download the Doraemon X Apk.

Follow the steps to download the Doraemon X Apk

  • Click on the Download button mentioned on this page.
  • Wait on the next page while the download link is generating.
  • Once the link is generated click on it.
  • Now the game file starts downloading on your device.

How to Install Doraemon X Apk?

Once you downloaded the Doraemon X Apk file you need to follow the next step mentioned below to install the game file on your device.

Follow the steps to Install the Doraemon X Apk

  • Open the file manager and go to the download folder.
  • Now click on the apk file then click on the install option.
  • Now extract the OBB file.
  • Once extracted move the file to Android/OBB/here
  • Start the game and enjoy Gameplay.

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