City of Secrets [v0.02.51] By TheDarkLight

TheDarkLight Games released a new game called City of Secrets and the version is 0.02.51. The game’s story is about You play as a character called ‘Emma’, who is starting College in a new city. As she continues through college, she suddenly starts experiencing weird dreams repeatedly. However, the dreams soon take a strange turn as they mix with reality and bind Emma into a contract with her soul on the line.

As Emma attempts to complete the contract, various characters will work with and against her as she unravels a grand plot involving a powerful organization operating in the shadows.​

Developer: TheDarkLight
File Size: 507.5 MB
Version: 0.02.51
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.02.51

  • Olivia Event Added
  • Rebecca Portrait Added
  • Angela Portrait Added
  • Angela Map Sprite Added
  • Sapphire Event Added
  • Olivia Event Added
  • Olivia Event Added
  • Aurora Event Added
  • Aurora Event Added
  • Tentactle Hypnosis Animation Finished
  • Added Taylor Portrait
  • Added Taylor Map Sprite
  • Dungeon 3 Trap Animation/Event Implemented (Have fun finding it 

Dungeon 2 Bad End Animation Added
Secret Event Added
Fixed Classroom Male Events Sprites
Fixed Emma staying on screen when rejecting Victoria’s training
Fixed Soul Fragmentation not Decreasing after beating Dungeon 2
Fixed The Watchers attacks stopping after a few turns

Developer Notes:

Some specific gameplay elements include:

Day/Night System – Events and gameplay revolving around specific times. Go to College in the Morning, explore the City at night!

Weather System – Events revolving around weather. Is it sunny, rainy, or stormy? Who knows what will happen when the weather changes…

Pixel Animations and CGS – Carefully drawn scenes revolving around pixel animations and CG’s. Map sprites also have been reworked to increase their quality as well!

Visual Novel Character Art – Beautiful character art for every character displaying a range of emotions for each scene!

Corruption Mechanic – As you move through the story various forces will work to corrupt Emma’s reputation and personality. Will she be able to resist their influence?

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Walkthrough

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