Barbarian Chronicles [Intro] By EpicLust

EpicLust Games released a new game called Barbarian Chronicles and the version is Intro. The game’s story is about You play as a young, horse-hung barbarian warrior who leads his clan against the merciless and evil Dark Queen Kramis. The land of Bresteria is rife with danger, magic, but also opportunities. Explore the land, build up your village, make alliances or invade territory to grow your influence, with the ultimate aim of defeating the Dark Queen and ruling over Bresteria.​

Developer: EpicLust
File Size: 1020.1 MB
Version: Intro
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

It consists of the intro (linear, with two choices affecting MC stats) which includes several SEX and fight scenes. Then, the game starts and illustrates some of the features that will be available in the future, not all being implemented yet. Each turn is a week, consisting of a free roam phase (where you can visit various NPCs, talk to them (introductory at this stage)), there are however a couple of sexy scenes already available at the waterfalls, so do visit them. Then, there is a strategic phase (minimal at this stage) which will consist of some management of the village resources, and moving armies around a mini-map (not yet made), followed by the strategic turn of evil Queen Kramis (the MC’s nemesis in the game, who needs to be defeated, again, fake turn because what she does hasn’t been implemented), and then a week later the next turn.

There is also a character sheet screen available by pressing “c” in-game with some clothed and naked turntable animations of each character so far.

Game Images & Screenshots


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